Anxiety Cure – Sound Therapy!

We all have times of stress and anxiety. Our products can be used anytime, anywhere to reduce stress and promote well-being. Try for yourself and you will use them daily!

Soothing Audio provides an ongoing series of specially created recordings, specifically formulated to calm and sooth, as a low volume ambient alternative to noisy radio or dead silence.

We have been recording for over 40 years to achieve these specially engineered sounds.  A great deal of research and product refinement goes into each recording. Corporate “music on hold” telephone systems have adopted our recordings for use in hectic offices and stressful environments.

Our recordings are used successfully by Massage Therapists, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Psychologists and other mental health professionals. Our records are also used to enhance Yoga, prayer, worship, meditation, and academic study time.

These are not what you expect. This is not just another keyboard-heavy New Age label. There is truly nothing like it anywhere, incorporating use of subliminal “Pulse Tones”, and natural sounds. Used as background to your work or play activties, you will actually feel physical stress relief at the end of each session.

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