Beta & Theta Brainwaves

BETA & THETA WAVES – Major brainwave pattern frequencies and possible uses for brainwave synchronization:

Delta 1-3 Hz Deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions.

Theta 4-7 Hz Deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory and focus.

Alpha 8-12 Hz Light relaxation, “superlearning”, positive thinking.

Beta 13-25 Hz Normal state of alertness, stress and anxiety.

Gamma 30 Hz on up Hyper-awareness

High Gamma 200+ Hz Various effects

Immediate Relaxation and Stress Relief – Choose between 5hz and 10 Hz for different levels of relaxation.

Meditation – Choose between 4hz and 7hz, either cycle between a few, or stay at a particular frequency for different results.

Sleep Replacement – A 30 minute session at 5Hz replaces about 2-3 hours of sleep, allowing one to wake up in the morning more refreshed. Try listening 1/2 hour before waking up in the morning, or 1/2 hour before going to bed.

Improved Sleeping Patterns – Any of the Alpha and Theta frequencies (8Hz to 4Hz) for 30-45 minute sessions at the same time each day.

Treatment of Insomnia – Choose between 4hz and 6hz for starters (the first 10 minutes), then go into frequencies below 3.5hz (for 20-30 minutes), settling on about 2.5hz before fading out.

Improved and Lasting Sense of Well Being – Try Theta (4Hz to 7Hz) for 45 minutes, daily.

Creative Visualization – About 6hz for a while, then up to 10hz works well while using visualization techniques.

Alleviation of Migraines and Headaches – Experiment with Alpha and Theta combinations. Try and visualize the pain getting smaller and smaller until it disappears.

Reduction of Depression Symptoms – Again, Alpha and Theta combinations, mostly theta.

Self Hypnosis – Choose about 8hz to 10hz while playing any self-hypnosis tape, or guided meditation.

Accelerated Learning – Choose about 7hz to 9hz while playing any learning tapes, like foreign language tapes, etc. to increase comprehension. Also, while studying, take breaks every half hour and listen to 10 minutes of Alpha (10Hz) while reflecting on the material you just learned.

Subliminal Programming – Choose 5hz to 7hz while playing your favorite subliminal tapes, or make your own by recording some affirmations, and mix pasting (Edit:Paste Special) them from the clipboard at barely audible volumes.

Improve Intuition (or ESP?) – Theta frequencies help in this area, 4hz to 7hz.

Reaching Higher States of Consciousness – Theta again, with daily half hour minimum sessions. Give at least a month for results.

Quick Refresher on long days – Low Alpha 8hz to 10hz for about 15 minutes works well. Sort of induces a cat-nap.

Increased Immune System – Relaxing to Alpha and Theta combinations daily. Learning how to relax, and relaxing more often can lower blood pressure and increase the body’s natural defenses. Using Alpha Synchronization (8Hz to 12Hz), expect similar increases in the neuro-chemical levels of Norepinephrin (11%), Serotonin (21%) and Beta-Endorphins (25%).