Pulse Tones

The Auditory Enhancement Series is made up of an ongoing series of experiments with acoustical physics and the effect on the human brain and central nervous system. You are cordially invited to join us, and the many satisfied users of the Auditory Enhancement Series.

This is a new revolution in enhancing the brain to maintain to maintain its focus with freshness of response without sacrificing physical or psychological decay. This new approach is based on the discovery that brain states can be strongly influenced by external acoustical waves. In other words, a person’s mental state can be influenced by the sounds around him or her. This is no different than the soothing effect a tick-tock clock has on puppies in inducing them to sleep, or in the stimulating effect of high-intense music. This sound is specifically designed so as to emit a low frequency containing a “pulse” which will maintain alert states while experiencing an accompanying sense of well-being, with resulting good energy even at the end of the day. This has been specifically engineered to “open” the creative centers of the brain, with dramatic effects that vary from individual to individual. There is no need to alter one’s required functions; the effects are safe for both vocational and home environments. The longer it plays, the GREATER the soothing, calming effect!

The founding developer, Mark Robbins, has researched the effects of acoustical stimulation on the brain for years. What you hear is not one note, but three. The result of this research was achieved on a Moog Synthesizer, by toning 2 oscillators at B-Flat in the 32kH range, and these were both tuned identically in wave, pulse and pitch. A third oscillator is tuned to B-Flat in the 16kH range, an octave above the other two. This plays strongly upon the pulse of the note without having to constantly micro-tune the lower two octaves to retain the specific beta “pulse”. Variations on the sound are achieved by micro-tuning any of the three oscillators against one. This powerful effect dates back to the early healers (Ie: Himalayan Singing Bowls) and has been verified scientifically. This particular application has been demonstrated by the developer in his clinical studies through the EEG research on brain wave modification. These background sounds (or auditory wallpaper) are used daily in prayer, meditiation, professional hypnosis, and as a simple background around the home or office to replace annoying radio content.

Now for the first time, the results of this research is immediately available to you. We invite you to enjoy the effects of a relaxing, creative “boost” in your home or place or work.

Each selection is available on a One Hour CD.

Again, these are auditory backgrounds – meant as wallpaper, not to be “listened to” as you might listen to a radio song to recite words. These can be played at various levels at the office for lifting your spirits, at home to relax, and in the car – as a tool against road rage.